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Elegant mature ladies and where to find them:

Each one of these seductive mature women has her own unique personality, style and kink. As a mature women' s lover I' d love to try them all ! I' m scouting the net in order to gather " valuable information" here at and help you picking your fav' one. Think of this place as a virtual gentleman's club and bookmark it please !

Elegant Queens of the moment:

~ Bea ~
Mature Bea Cummins
~ Michelle aka Sugarbabe ~
Michelle aka Sugarbabe, elegant and leggy
TacAmateurs Sugarbabe

~ Nylon Sue ~
Blond sophisticated british nylon fetishist Sue

~ Red ~
Red XXX uk sophisticated milf
~ Carol ~
Mature Classy Carol formerly Classygal
TacAmateurs Carol
~ Astrid ~
Blond classy mature in tan nylons
~ Roni ~
Roni in black stocking and open bra
~ Claire ~
mature blonde in skin tight rubber skirt


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White dress- white heels /anthracite dress-black heels

Simply elegant in white summer dress , nylons and heels
Simply classy. 16 images

It' s time to calm down and rinse your eyes: after all the shiny glamour of the new year' s holidays, here' s a simple white summer dress. Yes I like my elegant mature women a bit over dressed and over made up ( see" seductive senior ladies" post below ), but I like them too in a simple tasteful attire.

Simply elegant in anthracite business dress and heels
A proper woman in a proper dress... 16 images brought you these photo sets. Even if all the models are not mature women, you may appreciate their classic look >>> take the tour.

14 January 2015 in heels, over-30

Seductive senior ladies

Bea Cummins in clasic polka dot dress and satin underwear
A stylish senior citizen ( aged 70 ). 15 images

"Dear over 60 ladies, please never give up on your seduction power. A touch of make up, an elegant dress and refined underwear ( lace, satin, suspender stockings... I bet you know what I mean ) and you will find admirers and lovers, very easily !
Truly yours, Maturio. "

07 January 2015 in bea-cummins, busty, over-60

A classy creature of the night

Alina in red skin tight pvc skirt and heels
Elegant or not ? You can' t remember. 12 images

So last night you' ve ended up in a Stuttgart discothek to celebrate the new year, had a few drinks and spotted this elegant mature blonde and thought wow she' s just like one of these Maturio' s ladies I have in my bookmarks !
It' s ok, every gentleman has his weaknesses !
Brought to you by
Lingerie and heels are perfectly fit with Alina' s stunning body, check it out and
Happy new year !

01 January 2015 in blondes, heels, legs, over-30

A nylons expert

Classy mature with seamed nylon stockings

Follow the seam line- 15 images

I can feel the difference between seamed and seamless stockings, not that I use to wear them of course ( hey why not- crossdressing can be fun ).

The seam line gives the eye a clear direction to follow and makes the leg a little longer, or "leggy".

I guess the art of dressing to please is a real science, I' m only an helpless subject of experimentation for the ladies and I like it that way.

Now if you want to be "manipulated" by feminine experts in seduction try - they have all the knowledge and the know-how !

29 December 2014 in ff-stockings, glasses, heels, legs, over-30

Santa is an elegant leggy blonde (who would have thought !? )

Mature blonde Jan Burton dressed in red
Pantyhoses in the Xmas stockings. 15 images of jan Burton

Nice, an Xmas themed gallery with no Santa hat. I don' t know why, I hate to see a lady I do admire and respect wearing one of those. Enjoy your elegant feminine Santa !
Brought to you by

Don' t stare !

Milf in business dress and suspender stockings
Yep it' s a formal dress. 15 images

Before the mid sixties- let' s call it the pre- miniskirt area- you would be very pleased to quickly glance at a woman' s knee, take a peek under a skirt, and heavenly satisfied at the view of suspender straps on pale white thighs. So forbidden, so delicious...
If plain pornography bores you, if you think you' ve seen it all, try for a change.

20 December 2014 in ff-stockings, legs, over-30

A sexy authority figure

Serious mature teacher with glasses and cleavage
A seductive mature teacher of the female gender. 17 A+ images

Don' t tell me you never fantasized about your math teacher, wondering if she would look sexier without her glasses, without her dress, without her underwear.
How about a private lesson at her home ? will satisfy your "inner horny dude" with its classical porn plots.

06 December 2014 in blondes, glasses, over-50

An elegant spouse

Milf in refined lingerie posing in the bedroom
The good wife. 15 images

In my view this classy yet friendly lady is more a wife than a bitch, I guess all the refined furniture and lingerie were paid by her hard worker, old school husband. I can feel the moral values behind this photoset, it' s kind of... vintage.
Like, you know, delayed and well earned gratification.

And yes, the website producing these dream sets is called
( Instant gratification if you join now ! )

02 December 2014 in ff-stockings, legs, over-30

Vintage hotness

Leggy mature dressed in red
Classy and "sexually titillating". 12 images

When a master german photographer meets a sexy italian milf you' ve got to enjoy the result, see above.
This special mix of quality lingerie, professional photographs and horny models is somewhat "sexually titillating" to say the least.
Do you want to browse the portfolio ? Continue to

28 November 2014 in heels, legs, over-40

Satin ribbons for a senior lady

Bea Cummins insexy lingerie and close up on her pink satin ribbons
Senior seduction in pink. 9 images

I like "my" Bea Cummins wrapped in pink satin ribbons and sheer lingerie,
if you visit her site and have a look at her 380 updates you may find "YOUR" favorite Bea, she' s got a lot of different clothing styles, always sexy- guaranteed !

Charm, sexiness and more at 70+ :

17 November 2014 in bea-cummins, busty, over-60

So british...

British mature woman dressed and undressed
Slowly undressing. 18 images & 3mn video clip.

A fully dressed old lady in the british proper, prudish style is something you wouldn't consider arousing. Unless the respectable lady starts to slowly- very slowly- undress.

*edit: I have found and added a 3 mn video clip to this gallery. Revisit it if you like to hear a bit of charming british accent with your porn.

This exquisite pictures set is courtesy of
This mega mature porn network doesn' t habitually feature top elegant ladies, however they do release sometimes well dressed models. In any case if you need something very porny with plenty of content and frequent updates you can go for it now without hesitation...

02 September 2014 in curvy-plump, ff-stockings, over-50

A game of seduction by Bea

Sexy and classy Bea Cummins cleavage
Playful Bea Cummins. 9 images

Oh my what a daring look !
Is that a lingerie quizz ? I can see white suspender stockings, satin opera gloves, a sheer bra, and a slightly transparent thingy made of satin on top, but I can' t name it exactly. To be honest I am confused by your sexiness. You win !

Senior seduction: continue to

Hairstyle matters

50 something classy milf with a stylish hairdo
The hairstyle: a detail that matters. 16 images

Tracy Licks got a superb stylish coiffure, she' s perfectly fit for a news anchor job IMO. She' s doing another kind of job in this pictures set ...
Pictures courtesy of

19 August 2014 in blondes, over-50

Nylon Sue at play

Nylon Sue in elegant attire preparing to give a gloved handjob fetish
An elegant blonde in a cosy english mansion. 25 images

Dear Sue, you may practice the weirdest sexual games involving nylon fetish, as long as you stay elegantly dressed ( and I know you do without fail ) there will always be a place for you here at Maturio' s ( see ) !
Pictures courtesy of
*** october 30 update: Nylon Sue has relaunched her solo site

Nylon Erotic Diana

Elegant woman in refined nylon lingerie
A young widow soon to be a new trophy wife. 12 images

Decadence, money, power, seduction. Slutty elegant wives and classy whores deluxe.
Dig (safely) into the powerfully erotic world of

28 July 2014 in costume, ff-stockings, legs, over-30

A fantasy

Sexy and classy Bea Cummins cleavage
I' d really like to share one or two D-cups of tea with Bea Cummins. 9 images

I still like to fantasize around a formal tea- time ceremony in a middle- class bourgeois interior with an elegantly dressed house wife... Hubby' s not here, she' s bored and the fun begins. All in good spirit of course: we' ll see each other again next week, at the church meeting.
Senior seduction: continue to

15 July 2014 in bea-cummins, busty, over-60

Good bye Sandy

Here's a mail I received yesterday:
"I am sorry to have to tell you that Sandy has decided to close her website,, for personal reasons. The tour area will be closed today and replaced with a link to the members' area which will remain open until all current memberships have expired."
Ah too bad, Sandy was ageeing so nicely !
13 July 2014 in blondes, over-60, sandy

Pink, chic and sexy.

Tasteful pink lingerie for  mature blonde
A mature trophy in Maturio' s fantasy world. 24 images

Every part of this set is well coordinated: the colors, the furniture, the flowers... the lady and her lingerie outfits- a true dream of luxury and comfort.
She wants to please and you' re the happy owner. I know it' s a bit sexist to consider a beautiful, well dressed woman as an expensive piece of furniture to be proud of, but hey, this is only porn, a fantasy world for grown ups !
Enjoy the dream, continue to

20 June 2014 in heels, legs, over-30

An elegant little asian lady in a luxury home

Mature asian lady in luxury lingerie
"Follow me inside..." 21 images

Wearing white lacy underwear and see-through dress, pearls necklace ( of course ), a perfect shiny mature jewel is waiting for her beloved urban warrior to get back home.
( Kim from )

15 June 2014 in over-30

A professional teaser

Sexy mature with style
" I'm going to tease the heck out of you " 16 images

Slowly undressing, perfect outfit and surroundings- why get your pleasure in one big shot when you can sip it like a good wine-
Welcome to Roni' s Paradise

A bossy mature lady

Mature Amanda in strict short business dress
Amanda is in the nylons business obviously. 12 images

A powerful woman strictly dressed in a classic business suit, classic and very short...
Is she a strict mature woman or a sexy, provocative creature ?
It' s all in the contrast !
( Courtesy of )

The Duchess of Bare Feet

Naked lady with ear jewels and pearl necklace
A nice pictures set both for the foot and the pearl necklace fetishists. 16 images

I' m fascinated by pearl necklaces, I think it has the power of turning any average person of the female gender into some kind of sexy Duchess, even if that fine jewellery is her only outfit.
Needless to say this pretty nude caught my eyes.
This set is courtesy of, one of the sites included when you join

05 June 2014 in foot-fetish, over-30

Leggy with class ;)

Leggy elegant mature Sandy in red suspender stockings
You' re invited to Sandy' s leg show. 12 images

A pair of long robust legs specially made for [ love ] wearing stylish suspender stockings, a playful smile and refined lingerie: that' s Sandy' s secrets to stay attractive after 60.
Born in 1953, sexy in 2014

28 May 2014 in blondes, ff-stockings, legs, over-60, sandy

Busty with class

Mature blonde Trixie in a red tight balcony dress
A mix of Marylin Monroe for the hotness and Catherine Deneuve for the class. 15 images

Trixie looks like an actress from a 50' s movie whose hair just got messed up during the kissing scene.
I don' t think Trixie is a clothing fetishist, but I know for a fact that she pays attention to the way she dresses, instead of know... "showing her boobs".
Her personal website:

26 May 2014 in busty, over-40, tasty-trixie

Dressed for a special occasion

Bea Cummins in white satin nighty, sheer bra, white suspender stockings
An after dinner with Bea Cummins. 11 images

Believe it or not Bea Cummins was in her twenties five decades ago ( are you good at math ? )
She may have been a braless hippie, who knows ? But today she 's one of the sexiest "ladies of the internet" I know.
Visit her site and get a glimpse of her recent updates.

23 May 2014 in bea-cummins, busty, gloves, over-60

Curvy milf/ high-heels

Close up on red and black heeled pumps
I' d like to lick these shoes, is it normal Doc ? 12 images

Following the curvy body lines of Jess you' ll end up with her stylish red and black high heeled pumps.... aaaaand enjoy a delicious thrill. I' m not a shoe fetishist, but I guess this is how it works. Don' t be affraid to catch the "shoe fetish", this is harmless !
This curvy german sophisticated milf knows dirty little tricks to trigger your wicked imagination...
Visit her site for more.

Mrs Tiffany T.

elegant mature presenting her high heels pumps
" Let' s fill this shoe with champagne and have a pleasant evening together ". 13 images

The VintageFlash ladies are always delivering, regarding the sexy gear they wear at work, and the photographer in charge is very professional and talented.
That' s one definition of elegance: it requires a bit of work, a bit of talent and some well choosen accessories to make things... " pleasant ".


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All Maturio' s ladies in one page:

Give them a visit...

~ A ~

Amanda' s Nylons

Amanda a mature legged brunette with stylewearing loose nylons Nylons A sculptural nylons goddess

There is only one "Amanda Nylon" on the web, this compact mature brunette is full of erotic gusto , concentrating her sex- appeal around her muscular beautiful nyloned legs. Loose nylons are her forte. If you' re the kind of easily impressed shy guy Amanda may become your goddess, " THE " iconic mature woman in all Her glory ! Classy, stylish, impressive, visit Amanda at for a detailed preview.

Amazing Astrid

Tall classy mature blonde Amazing Astrid" A leggy mature goddess "

Tall, leggy and classy: Astrid is a mature blonde who will certainly impress you. If you like the beauty of big girls with a sculptural body shape and endlessly long legs you' ll find well worth a visit !

April Thomas

April Thomas dressed-undressed The almost nude granny

Dear April Thomas is a tad bit over 60 years old and a tad bit overweight: nice ! To be frank I liked her more for her age and body type than for her dressing, however she still fits Maturio' s elegant clothing standards. Enjoy !

~ B ~

Bea Cummins

Bea Cummins nude with fluffy red mules

" Older is better they say "

Bea Cummins may be well over 60 but she still got that sexual appeal wich triggers each and every male' s desire. Have you seen her incredible breasts ? Bit of a slutty creature and bit of a classy granny, I think you' ll like that mix !
Visit her site ( with more than 360 updates ! ) at

~ C ~

Classy Carol

Classygal Carol over 60 and kinkyA sexually active senior citizen

While teasing or fucking, Classy Carol will always keep a perfect hairdressing, some jewels and lingerie on her very fuckable older lady' s body. . That' s why she' s "classy", hey ! She could be your aunt, your granny and she virtually will be all yours when you' ll join her corner on the internet.
Visit Classy Carol here

~ D ~

Danica Collins

Elegant and busty milf Danica Collins " A busty ex- pornstar going the glamour way "

Every boobs lover knows Danica as she was some years ago a very famous busty model. She didn' t give up modelling, good for us ! A bit of ageing makes her more desirable imho, she' s a very sexy mature lady now, full of personality, charm and sophistication. Visit her ( new ) site:

Desirae Spencer

Desirae Spencer from Naughty at home " A leggy horny MILF with deluxe lingerie "

Hot firm ass and long legs, Desirae' s body was made to wear lingerie, nylon stockings, suspenders and high heels ! A warning though: this 30 something american milf crosses the boundaries of erotic tease, because,well... she loves the dick ! ( fuck yeah ! )
Watch her here:

Desyra Noir

Decadent and classy milf Desyra Noir " Mature enough to be sophisticated"

A 35 something MILF with a stunning body ( legs, ass and pretty face ) exploring the vast world of lingerie seduction and mild fetish games. A bit of hardcore sex. Desyra does one to one webcam sessions for her members !
Visit and join her site:

~ F ~

Foxy Lisa

Pics of Lisa in erotic lingerie A bit of exhibitionnism, lots of erotic sophistication

Lisa is a cool classy lady with beautiful legs and a british sense of humor. Her very personnal site shows her playfully posing in pantyless shots, short up skirts, beautiful lingerie, uniforms, topless, classy nude, nylons, sexy outfits, upskirt and out in public places.
Visit Lisa at

~ J ~

Jan' s Nylon Sex

Elegant 40 something blonde Jan Burton wearing girdles
"Seducing men with taste..."

Jan has reached her prime and is seeking new ways of getting your attention, gentlemen !
Fully fashioned seamed stockings, thigh length sexy skirt, high heels and a bright blond hair: will you resist visiting her site ?

Julia the naughty teacher

A vicious mature woman in girdles and suspendersNaughty naughty !

We' ve all known a naughty teacher, a strict bitchy mature woman with something wicked and vicious in her eyes.. We' ve all dreamed to take a peek under her skirt, to see her topless or even totally naked. It wasn' t permitted at all of course.. Julia will gladly let you realise this erotic dream: her site is all about vintage girdles, garter belts, stockings and suspenders, slips, high heels, bras and panties. Julia is bi sexual and dirty.. Visit Julia at

~ K ~

Karin von Kroft

Elegant domina Crual and elegant mistress

Getting dominated by Karin von Kroft can be a bit harsh (strapon and CBT ) but this sophisticated blond domina is so sharp and elegant in her uniforms and lingerie you may finally crave for it !
Visit her site:

~ L ~

Lady Gina

Mature lady Gina in stockings and heels A classic mature lady with erotic fantaisies

Gina is an over 40 business lady living in Germany. Beside her job she' s very naughty and loves to show off- making a personnal point to drive you crazy.. She likes to wear high heels and nylons all the time, the higher the better ! Indecent and interesting detail: her pussy is always smooth and she likes it to be licked.. You' ll get more than "hot pictures" when you join: Gina answers all her emails and is open to suggestions or special wishes.
Visit Lady Gina at

Lady Kinky Boots

Fat dirty brit slag in boots " Kinky boots for dirty minds ! "

Here's one chubby dirty Brit lady for the boots fetish victims ! I' m not sure about the elegant part ( her style is quite hardcore... ) , but if you love boots you' ll get boots that's for sure:

Lana's Lingerie Tease

Sexy blonde in pink lingerie " An exhibitionist in lingerie "

A mature blonde collecting tons of sexy lingerie to show off on her site. Watch her choose and wear the sexiest sheer thingies for you, teasing and stripping like an older sexy doll !
Visit her site at

~ M ~

Michelle, aka SugarBabe

Leggy and busty elegant mature model Michelle
" So sensual and elegant ! "

This classy mature nylons queen is filling her lingerie outfits with such a generous pair of breasts and such a juicy ass !
Tits, ass and class: you get all in one for the same price !
Michelle as...Michelle:

Michelle as "Sugarbabe":
SugarBabe at

Model Eve

Mature woman in lingerie " A wicked mature pin up girl "

Imagine a beautiful fashion model getting old, experimented and naughty... You got Model Eve ! Strict classic dress up form the 40's, 50's and 60's is more erotic than you could believe at first thought, Eve is the burning hot living proof :

~ N ~

Natasha' s Nylons preview " All sweet and kinky... "

Natasha' s a deliciously plump blond housewife from UK who loves wearing sheer silky seamed stockings and sexy glossy pantyhose or tights. Despite looking like a sweet & cool "good girl" she' s quite a kinky woman, watch her dirty works at

Nylon Jane

Mature mistress in nylons " Dirty nylons... "

Nylon Jane is some kind of a perverted Queen to her depraved admirers from the underground world of transvestites, sissies and crossdressers. Jane is always on the dominating side, milking coks, using her huge strapon, kissing and licking. An active and sometimes brutal fetish english milf ! She does women too...
Visit for a preview.

Nylon Sue

Nylons fetish mature model Nylon Sue
"Mature glamour and nylons fetish"

1- Nylon Sue is the perfect mature glamour model: she knows everything about stockings, suspenders, corsets, heels, gloves and how to wear them...
2- She' s a very naughty nylon fetishist exploring every side of this perversion and believe me it can be very surprising !
Aren' t you curious ? Visit

New ! Even more mature, classic and sophisticated, Nylon Sue has relaunched her first site in october 2014 with new pics and movies.

~ P ~

Pantyhose Angel

Angel is fond of tight pantyhose and nylon encasement Addicted to pantyhose & nylon sex

Angel is a blond mature.. devil in her forties who loves nylon and lycra to the point of getting hit with "pantyhose overdoses", for our greatest pleasure. She' s obviously getting sexually over stimulated by being tightly encased into opaque stuff. We watchers are getting some nice see through views too..
Visit Angel at

~ R ~


Mature redhead in lingerie " Red, hot and sophisticated "

Mrs Red is a yummy brit busty redhead with more than one closet full of vintage sexy lingerie. She' ll dress up for you and exhibit herself in glamour solo sessions, masturbation, even fetish and hardcore scenes. Visit the raunchy- still elegant- redhead here:

Roni' s Paradise

Elegant and sexy mature brunette in nylons
Sophisticated mature tease

Roni is a classy mature brunette living in Hawaii, wearing pantyhose, nylons stockings, exhibiting her pretty feet in high heels. Did I say she was classy ? Visit her at

~ S ~

Sabrina's Stockings

Leggy Sabrina always in stockings"Not so ordinary girl..."

A simple beauty in her thirties taking her nylons hobby seriously enough to show off on her personal site in a very professional manner ( think quality content ). The fact that she' s wearing glasses adds a little something erotic, in my opinion:

Sandy' s Secrets

Mature Sandy in sexy lingerie " A playful mature teaser "

A tall, classy and self- confident elegant blond mature woman ( born in 1953 ) with a passion for beautiful underwear, nylon stockings and high heels and a real skill for lingerie tease.
* Update: Sandy has decided to close her site *

~ T ~

Tasty Trixie

Busty milf Trixie " So juicy, so tasty ! "

A busty american milf in her late thirties posing in elegant vintage apparel, producing very hot and creative wanking material. I must say Trixie is quite a special girl and I must confess I got a crush on her. Visit her site !

The Fetish Wife

A sexy fetish wife wearing latex and heeled boots
"Fetish clothing lifestyle"

England' s got its share of special ladies:the mysterious "FetishWife" here is a magnificent mature blonde who loves to wear skin tight shiny black latex dresses and spike heels. She' s got a thing for nylons and heels too. She' s a dangerous and attractive creature ( perfect bottom+ tight fabric is the trap ) visit her site at )


Matyre woman with pearls lace,red satin top and tan stockings A CFNM expert

Trinity, a sophisticated milf, is practicing her peculiar sex relationships with clothes on, always ! I like CFNM sites ( "Clothed Female Nude Man" ) when the ladies are elegantly dressed... Watch Trinity handjobing, blowing even "strap-on-izing" helpless guys at