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The senator' s wife and the delivery boy

Mature lady in revealing outfit
Is this lady well- mannered ?- 16 images

Despite their huge sexual appetite the ladies from are always wearing neat clothing, with a nice hairdress and a perfect make up. I bet they smell good too...
Ok it' s porn- porn made with decades of experience from one of the most established company ( remember that Scoregroup publication hidden in your stash, back in the old days ? )
Whenever I watch this kind of porn I do enter in a vintage fantasy land of warm welcoming american middle-to-high-class emancipated wives, and I am the lucky pizza delivery boy, of course.

Classic high quality porn :

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A mature treasure

Frontal view of a mature woman with pantyose and golden jewels
Hard and cold gold and diamonds jewels on a mature warm and soft skin. 15 images

So many places to kiss ! I' d go for a hand- kiss first. Wich road would you follow ?

( Anna by )

04 May 2014 Posted in: blondes, over-40, pantyhose

"Blonde Deluxe"

Jane Burton in fishnet pantyhose
A mature blonde caught in fishnet pantyhose. 15 images

Built like a luxury sports car with elegant curves, aerodynamic bumpers ( well... ), black heels ( or wheels ? ), Jan Burton is posing in this minimalistic yet powerful photo set.
Jan is a pornstar who' s taken the high road of glamour modeling, but I' m affraid she frequently goes past the speed limit.
Visit her site, for more.

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Mrs Tiffany T.

elegant mature presenting her high heels pumps
" Let' s fill this shoe with champagne and have a pleasant evening together ". 13 images

The VintageFlash ladies are always delivering, regarding the sexy gear they wear at work, and the photographer in charge is very professional and talented.
That' s one definition of elegance: it requires a bit of work, a bit of talent and some well choosen accessories to make things... " pleasant ".

13 May 2014 Posted in: ff-stockings, foot-fetish, heels, over-40

Curvy milf/ high-heels

Close up on red and black heeled pumps
I' d like to lick these shoes, is it normal Doc ? 12 images

Following the curvy body lines of Jess you' ll end up with her stylish red and black high heeled pumps.... aaaaand enjoy a delicious thrill. I' m not a shoe fetishist, but I guess this is how it works. Don' t be affraid to catch the "shoe fetish", this is harmless !
This curvy german sophisticated milf knows dirty little tricks to trigger your wicked imagination...
Visit her site for more.

21 May 2014 Posted in: curvy-plump, foot-fetish, heels, jess-legs, over-30

Dressed for a special occasion

Bea Cummins in white satin nighty, sheer bra, white suspender stockings
An after dinner with Bea Cummins. 11 images

Believe it or not Bea Cummins was in her twenties five decades ago ( are you good at math ? )
She may have been a braless hippie, who knows ? But today she 's one of the sexiest "ladies of the internet" I know.
Visit her site and get a glimpse of her recent updates.

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Busty with class

Mature blonde Trixie in a red tight balcony dress
A mix of Marylin Monroe for the hotness and Catherine Deneuve for the class. 15 images

Trixie looks like an actress from a 50' s movie whose hair just got messed up during the kissing scene.
I don' t think Trixie is a clothing fetishist, but I know for a fact that she pays attention to the way she dresses, instead of know... "showing her boobs".
Her personal website:

26 May 2014 Posted in: busty, over-40, tasty-trixie

Leggy with class ;)

Leggy elegant mature Sandy in red suspender stockings
You' re invited to Sandy' s leg show. 12 images

A pair of long robust legs specially made for [ love ] wearing stylish suspender stockings, a playful smile and refined lingerie: that' s Sandy' s secrets to stay attractive after 60.
Born in 1953, sexy in 2014

28 May 2014 Posted in: blondes, ff-stockings, legs, over-60, sandy
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