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The Duchess of Bare Feet

Naked lady with ear jewels and pearl necklace
A nice pictures set both for the foot and the pearl necklace fetishists. 16 images

I' m fascinated by pearl necklaces, I think it has the power of turning any average person of the female gender into some kind of sexy Duchess, even if that fine jewellery is her only outfit.
Needless to say this pretty nude caught my eyes.
This set is courtesy of, one of the sites included when you join

05 June 2014 Posted in: foot-fetish, over-30

A bossy mature lady

Mature Amanda in strict short business dress
Amanda is in the nylons business obviously. 12 images

A powerful woman strictly dressed in a classic business suit, classic and very short...
Is she a strict mature woman or a sexy, provocative creature ?
It' s all in the contrast !
( Courtesy of )

10 June 2014 Posted in: amandas-nylons, costume, glasses, legs, over-40, pantyhose

A professional teaser

Sexy mature with style
" I'm going to tease the heck out of you " 16 images

Slowly undressing, perfect outfit and surroundings- why get your pleasure in one big shot when you can sip it like a good wine-
Welcome to Roni' s Paradise

13 June 2014 Posted in: ff-stockings, foot-fetish, over-40, roni-s-paradise

An elegant little asian lady in a luxury home

Mature asian lady in luxury lingerie
"Follow me inside..." 21 images

Wearing white lacy underwear and see-through dress, pearls necklace ( of course ), a perfect shiny mature jewel is waiting for her beloved urban warrior to get back home.
( Kim from )

15 June 2014 Posted in: over-30

Pink, chic and sexy.

Tasteful pink lingerie for  mature blonde
A mature trophy in Maturio' s fantasy world. 24 images

Every part of this set is well coordinated: the colors, the furniture, the flowers... the lady and her lingerie outfits- a true dream of luxury and comfort.
She wants to please and you' re the happy owner. I know it' s a bit sexist to consider a beautiful, well dressed woman as an expensive piece of furniture to be proud of, but hey, this is only porn, a fantasy world for grown ups !
Enjoy the dream, continue to

20 June 2014 Posted in: heels, legs, over-30
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