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Good bye Sandy

Here's a mail I received yesterday:
"I am sorry to have to tell you that Sandy has decided to close her website,, for personal reasons. The tour area will be closed today and replaced with a link to the members' area which will remain open until all current memberships have expired."
Ah too bad, Sandy was ageeing so nicely !
13 July 2014 Posted in: blondes, over-60, sandy

A fantasy

Sexy and classy Bea Cummins cleavage
I' d really like to share one or two D-cups of tea with Bea Cummins. 9 images

I still like to fantasize around a formal tea- time ceremony in a middle- class bourgeois interior with an elegantly dressed house wife... Hubby' s not here, she' s bored and the fun begins. All in good spirit of course: we' ll see each other again next week, at the church meeting.
Senior seduction: continue to

15 July 2014 Posted in: bea-cummins, busty, over-60

Nylon Erotic Diana

Elegant woman in refined nylon lingerie
A young widow soon to be a new trophy wife. 12 images

Decadence, money, power, seduction. Slutty elegant wives and classy whores deluxe.
Dig (safely) into the powerfully erotic world of

28 July 2014 Posted in: costume, ff-stockings, legs, over-30
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