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Nylon Sue at play

Nylon Sue in elegant attire preparing to give a gloved handjob fetish
An elegant blonde in a cosy english mansion. 25 images

Dear Sue, you may practice the weirdest sexual games involving nylon fetish, as long as you stay elegantly dressed ( and I know you do without fail ) there will always be a place for you here at Maturio' s ( see ) !
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*** october 30 update: Nylon Sue has relaunched her solo site

10 August 2014 Posted in: blondes, domination, glasses, gloves, handjobs, over-40

Hairstyle matters

50 something classy milf with a stylish hairdo
The hairstyle: a detail that matters. 16 images

Tracy Licks got a superb stylish coiffure, she' s perfectly fit for a news anchor job IMO. She' s doing another kind of job in this pictures set ...
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19 August 2014 Posted in: blondes, over-50

A game of seduction by Bea

Sexy and classy Bea Cummins cleavage
Playful Bea Cummins. 9 images

Oh my what a daring look !
Is that a lingerie quizz ? I can see white suspender stockings, satin opera gloves, a sheer bra, and a slightly transparent thingy made of satin on top, but I can' t name it exactly. To be honest I am confused by your sexiness. You win !

Senior seduction: continue to

26 August 2014 Posted in: bea-cummins, ff-stockings, gloves, heels, over-60
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