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An elegant spouse

Milf in refined lingerie posing in the bedroom
The good wife. 15 images

In my view this classy yet friendly lady is more a wife than a bitch, I guess all the refined furniture and lingerie were paid by her hard worker, old school husband. I can feel the moral values behind this photoset, it' s kind of... vintage.
Like, you know, delayed and well earned gratification.

And yes, the website producing these dream sets is called
( Instant gratification if you join now ! )

02 December 2014 Posted in: ff-stockings, legs, over-30

A sexy authority figure

Serious mature teacher with glasses and cleavage
A seductive mature teacher of the female gender. 17 A+ images

Don' t tell me you never fantasized about your math teacher, wondering if she would look sexier without her glasses, without her dress, without her underwear.
How about a private lesson at her home ? will satisfy your "inner horny dude" with its classical porn plots.

06 December 2014 Posted in: blondes, glasses, over-50

Don' t stare !

Milf in business dress and suspender stockings
Yep it' s a formal dress. 15 images

Before the mid sixties- let' s call it the pre- miniskirt area- you would be very pleased to quickly glance at a woman' s knee, take a peek under a skirt, and heavenly satisfied at the view of suspender straps on pale white thighs. So forbidden, so delicious...
If plain pornography bores you, if you think you' ve seen it all, try for a change.

20 December 2014 Posted in: ff-stockings, legs, over-30

Santa is an elegant leggy blonde (who would have thought !? )

Mature blonde Jan Burton dressed in red
Pantyhoses in the Xmas stockings. 15 images of jan Burton

Nice, an Xmas themed gallery with no Santa hat. I don' t know why, I hate to see a lady I do admire and respect wearing one of those. Enjoy your elegant feminine Santa !
Brought to you by

24 December 2014 Posted in: blondes, heels, jan-s-nylon-sex, legs, over-40, pantyhose

A nylons expert

Classy mature with seamed nylon stockings

Follow the seam line- 15 images

I can feel the difference between seamed and seamless stockings, not that I use to wear them of course ( hey why not- crossdressing can be fun ).

The seam line gives the eye a clear direction to follow and makes the leg a little longer, or "leggy".

I guess the art of dressing to please is a real science, I' m only an helpless subject of experimentation for the ladies and I like it that way.

Now if you want to be "manipulated" by feminine experts in seduction try - they have all the knowledge and the know-how !

29 December 2014 Posted in: ff-stockings, glasses, heels, legs, over-30
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