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Classy Carol

Classy Carol, glamorous granny in white stockings and garter belt wears a pearls necklace

"You just have to put a little effort and your best lingerie outfit on to stay desirable after 60..."

Classy Carol is dressing to please

Classy Carol is one rare example of truly seductive over 60 ladies posing on the web, I like the way she pushes the erotic dressed housewife style to the max: it' s always X-Mas, New Year' s Eve and Valentine' s Day with Carol, enjoy:

Elegant sexy granny Carol posing with a feather boa and fishnet stockings
The pink feather boa is an erotic must- 14 pics

Have a a candlelight dinner with Carol tonight, suscribe to her site ;)

28 November 2012 in: classy-carol, gloves, over-60

Seduction at 60 plus

An handpicked collection of Carol' s glamour shots in black, red and white sexy lingerie. Carol is over 60 and knows the science of dressing to please:

Classy Carol over 60 glamourous granny in red stockings
Expertize in tease- 40 pics

The art of seduction by a kinky old lady... Preview

08 November 2012 in: classy-carol, over-60

Carol: a well over 60 classy granny

Classygal Carol over 60 and kinky A sexually active senior citizen

While teasing or fucking, Classy Carol will always keep a perfect hairdressing, some jewels and lingerie on her very fuckable older lady' s body. . That' s why she' s "classy", hey ! She could be your aunt, your granny and she virtually will be all yours when you' ll join her corner on the internet.
Visit Classy Carol here

17 October 2012 in: classy-carol, over-60

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