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Curvy Ladies

So british...

British mature woman dressed and undressed
Slowly undressing. 18 images & 3mn video clip.

A fully dressed old lady in the british proper, prudish style is something you wouldn't consider arousing. Unless the respectable lady starts to slowly- very slowly- undress.

*edit: I have found and added a 3 mn video clip to this gallery. Revisit it if you like to hear a bit of charming british accent with your porn.

This exquisite pictures set is courtesy of
This mega mature porn network doesn' t habitually feature top elegant ladies, however they do release sometimes well dressed models. In any case if you need something very porny with plenty of content and frequent updates you can go for it now without hesitation...

02 September 2014 in: curvy-plump, ff-stockings, over-50

Curvy milf/ high-heels

Close up on red and black heeled pumps
I' d like to lick these shoes, is it normal Doc ? 12 images

Following the curvy body lines of Jess you' ll end up with her stylish red and black high heeled pumps.... aaaaand enjoy a delicious thrill. I' m not a shoe fetishist, but I guess this is how it works. Don' t be affraid to catch the "shoe fetish", this is harmless !
This curvy german sophisticated milf knows dirty little tricks to trigger your wicked imagination...
Visit her site for more.

The lady in black nylons

Nylons see through corselette and suspender stockings for Jess
A little piece of nylon around a meaty piece of A.. - 10 images

It doesn' t weight anything and can transform any woman in a sexy creature: black nylon suspender stockings. We are easily fooled and they know it.

Featured model: german milf Jess, visit her personal website for more :

Madame goes shopping

Chubby mature blondeNatasha in urban outfit showing her thigh high
I like the coat and the lady inside- 26 images

An upper class british housewife dresses for some urban shopping, ends up like an utter lass flashing in the street. An elegant outfit, a slutty behaviour !

A voluptuous british wife who loves nylons ( pantyhose ++ ) :

07 September 2013 in: blondes, curvy-plump, natashas-nylons, over-40

Natasha @ office

Chubby mature blonde in a skin tight black dress and pantyhose
Nice curves in a simple yet elegant dress- 16 pics

Elegance doesn' t always mean " sophistication" - a simple skin tight black dress can do wonders.
Plus Natasha has some assets...

A voluptuous british wife who loves nylons ( pantyhose ++ ) :

Black stockings series by Red XXX

Although Mrs Red loves to dress hot and sometimes funny ( think costume, uniform, latex ),
she does very well with classic erotic lingerie. Watch her showcasing in black stockings & suspenders :

gallery 1
gallery 2
gallery 3
gallery 4
gallery 5

Quality glamour indeed !
To "preview" more of the talented lady at work do not hesitate, take the tour to her personal website

A vintage full figured X-Mas pin up

Two retro photo sets in the spirit of the Holidays by Kate Donovan. This healthy lady is not from the 50' s but she knows by heart her History of Sexy Lingerie.

Sexy Santa
Wishing all the best to all glamorous women' s lovers !- 24 pics

Kate is a model, a photographer,a specialist in vintage erotic clothing,
visit and join for more entertainment.

25 December 2012 in: costume, curvy-plump, over-30

Natasha's pink nylons and black gloves

Natasha and her nylons... We have here a nice specimen of sheer pink layers gaining her so so deliciously plump anatomy. What I like the most in this high quality set are the velvet opera gloves and the diamond jewels. It' s all about elegance at Maturio' s after all, enjoy:

Plump mature blonde wearing pink suspenders stockings and opera gloves
Elegant and cheeky, can you believe this ! - 16 pics

Don' t you want to learn more about Natasha ? Yes you do ! Visit her site:

Red XXX in strict attire

Kinky glamour shots of a mature office girl wearing ff stockings
FF stockings are mature women' s best friends- 16 pics

A perfectly experienced and attractive mature secretary dressing sexy will help the busy business man focusing on his work... it' s a well known fact !
Red XXX loves to show off in various costumes, she' s a good playful girl and she always delivers her erotic work often , well done and in due time:
Take a look at her recent updates, visit her office ;) : Red-

05 December 2012 in: busty, curvy-plump, ff-stockings, heels, over-30, red-xxx

Elegant and busty: just Danica

If I was a rich gentleman I think I would afford the company of a well known pornstar, offer her every kind of sexy, sophisticated lingerie and spend the rest of my life with her.
Danica Collins would fit perfectly into this scenario, as you will see in this hi- res pictures set despite all her elegant clothing Danica still can' t behave as a Madam, her boobs are boucing out and she can' t resist showing all her goods, probably like she was taught as a porn model. You know what ? I' m cool with this !

Danica Collins in with satin dress
Oh Danica ! 13 pics

Danica Collins official website's is , have a look at her updates.

30 November 2012 in: busty, curvy-plump, danica-collins, over-30

Speedy Bee plays seduction games

An horny british mature lady who pays attention to her dressing. By request Speedy Bee performs a risky strip- tease in this set, getting rid of her coral pink dress, exhibiting her elegant dotted stockings and much, much more.

Mature with silver high heels and coral stockings
Mature dream in pink- 15 pics

Spedy Bee is featured at the network, join her site and get full access to 250+ ladies.

28 November 2012 in: curvy-plump, over-50

Some of my favorite Natasha' s Nylons photo sets

If you ' d like to know more about Natasha and her nylons ( pantyhose mostly ) enjoy this little archive featuring 10 pictures galleries:

Curvy blonde Natasha in black pantyhose and nighty
My top ten !

Natasha updates her site often, see what' s new:

Lady Kinky Boots

Fat dirty brit slag in boots " Kinky boots for dirty minds ! "
Here's one chubby dirty Brit lady for the boots fetish victims ! I' m not sure about the elegant part ( her style is quite hardcore... ) , but if you love boots you' ll get boots that's for sure:
02 October 2012 in: boots, curvy-plump, over-30

April Thomas

April Thomas dressed-undressed The almost nude granny
Dear April Thomas is a tad bit over 60 years old and a tad bit overweight: nice ! To be frank I liked her more for her age and body type than for her dressing, however she still fits Maturio' s elegant clothing standards. Enjoy !
01 October 2012 in: curvy-plump, over-60

Natasha' s Nylons preview " All sweet and kinky... "
Natasha' s a deliciously plump blond housewife from UK who loves wearing sheer silky seamed stockings and sexy glossy pantyhose or tights. Despite looking like a sweet & cool "good girl" she' s quite a kinky woman, watch her dirty works at

Mrs Danica Collins

Elegant and busty milf Danica Collins " A busty ex- pornstar going the glamour way "
Every boobs lover knows Danica as she was some years ago a very famous busty model. She didn' t give up modelling, good for us ! A bit of ageing makes her more desirable imho, she' s a very sexy mature lady now, full of personality, charm and sophistication. Visit her ( new ) site:
03 September 2012 in: busty, curvy-plump, danica-collins, heels, legs, over-40

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