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Foot Fetish

A professional teaser

Sexy mature with style
" I'm going to tease the heck out of you " 16 images

Slowly undressing, perfect outfit and surroundings- why get your pleasure in one big shot when you can sip it like a good wine-
Welcome to Roni' s Paradise

The Duchess of Bare Feet

Naked lady with ear jewels and pearl necklace
A nice pictures set both for the foot and the pearl necklace fetishists. 16 images

I' m fascinated by pearl necklaces, I think it has the power of turning any average person of the female gender into some kind of sexy Duchess, even if that fine jewellery is her only outfit.
Needless to say this pretty nude caught my eyes.
This set is courtesy of, one of the sites included when you join

05 June 2014 in: foot-fetish, over-30

Curvy milf/ high-heels

Close up on red and black heeled pumps
I' d like to lick these shoes, is it normal Doc ? 12 images

Following the curvy body lines of Jess you' ll end up with her stylish red and black high heeled pumps.... aaaaand enjoy a delicious thrill. I' m not a shoe fetishist, but I guess this is how it works. Don' t be affraid to catch the "shoe fetish", this is harmless !
This curvy german sophisticated milf knows dirty little tricks to trigger your wicked imagination...
Visit her site for more.

Mrs Tiffany T.

elegant mature presenting her high heels pumps
" Let' s fill this shoe with champagne and have a pleasant evening together ". 13 images

The VintageFlash ladies are always delivering, regarding the sexy gear they wear at work, and the photographer in charge is very professional and talented.
That' s one definition of elegance: it requires a bit of work, a bit of talent and some well choosen accessories to make things... " pleasant ".

13 May 2014 in: ff-stockings, foot-fetish, heels, over-40

The lady in black nylons

Nylons see through corselette and suspender stockings for Jess
A little piece of nylon around a meaty piece of A.. - 10 images

It doesn' t weight anything and can transform any woman in a sexy creature: black nylon suspender stockings. We are easily fooled and they know it.

Featured model: german milf Jess, visit her personal website for more :

Around Roni' s pretty feet

I think I get a better understanding of the "foot fetish" after looking at this photo set of Roni:

Grey stockings and girdles for mature Roni
Erotic from head to toe - 16 pics

She' s a perfectly polished mature jewel... Visit Roni' s personal website.

Amanda is sexier than Santa

I love and respect Amanda' s higly erotic photography work, the lady is a boss-
I don' t think a Santa costume would fit well on her.
However Xmas is coming, we have a tradition to honour here.
Enjoy these pics of Amanda in red/ white /gold sexy clothes- and Happy Holidays to you !

Leggy mature in nylons
The Lady in red- 36 pics

Give yourself a gift:

A mature tigress on your sofa

Mature Amanda in nylons and heels posing on a sofa
Amanda in her roaring forties is irresistible- 12 pics

So strong and beautiful, almost weird: this is Amanda in her latest erotic set.

Visit her site:
28 November 2012 in: amandas-nylons, foot-fetish, heels, legs, over-40

Sabrina's Stockings

"Not so ordinary girl..."
British milf in pink nylons and heels
Site preview:
Leggy Sabrina always in stockings
A simple beauty in her thirties taking her nylons hobby seriously enough to show off on her personal site in a very professional manner ( think quality content ). The fact that she' s wearing glasses adds a little something erotic, in my opinion:

Sabrina in tan stockings and girdles
Official blog:
26 November 2012 in: foot-fetish, glasses, legs, over-30

A visit at Roni' s paradise

Elegant and sexy mature brunette in nylons Heels and nylons FTW !
Roni is a classy mature brunette living in Hawaii, wearing pantyhose, nylons stockings, exhibiting her pretty feet in high heels. Did I say she was classy ? Visit her at

The power of Amanda' s Nylons

Amanda a mature legged  brunette with stylewearing loose nylons Nylons A sculptural nylons goddess
There is only one "Amanda Nylon" on the web, this compact mature brunette is full of erotic gusto , concentrating her sex- appeal around her muscular beautiful nyloned legs. Loose nylons are her forte. If you' re the kind of easily impressed shy guy Amanda may become your goddess, " THE " iconic mature woman in all Her glory ! Classy, stylish, impressive, visit Amanda at for a detailed preview.
15 September 2012 in: amandas-nylons, foot-fetish, heels, legs, over-40

Natasha' s Nylons preview " All sweet and kinky... "
Natasha' s a deliciously plump blond housewife from UK who loves wearing sheer silky seamed stockings and sexy glossy pantyhose or tights. Despite looking like a sweet & cool "good girl" she' s quite a kinky woman, watch her dirty works at

Sophia Million, classy and not-so-shy

Classic mature ladie Sophia Million "Strict and classic ? Think again !"
Sophia Million is one classic mature beauty who recently discovered her "inner horniness" and decided to experiment it with you on her site. Come and watch her seduction games: slowly peeling off her nylons to reveal perfectly polished toe nails, smoking cigarettes like a true vamp, teasing some lucky cock while dressed in tight nurse outfits...
Fan blog & galleries Screenshot of Sophia Million fan blog
01 September 2012 in: foot-fetish, over-40, pantyhose

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