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Ladies over 50

A sexy authority figure

Serious mature teacher with glasses and cleavage
A seductive mature teacher of the female gender. 17 A+ images

Don' t tell me you never fantasized about your math teacher, wondering if she would look sexier without her glasses, without her dress, without her underwear.
How about a private lesson at her home ? will satisfy your "inner horny dude" with its classical porn plots.

06 December 2014 in: blondes, glasses, over-50

So british...

British mature woman dressed and undressed
Slowly undressing. 18 images & 3mn video clip.

A fully dressed old lady in the british proper, prudish style is something you wouldn't consider arousing. Unless the respectable lady starts to slowly- very slowly- undress.

*edit: I have found and added a 3 mn video clip to this gallery. Revisit it if you like to hear a bit of charming british accent with your porn.

This exquisite pictures set is courtesy of
This mega mature porn network doesn' t habitually feature top elegant ladies, however they do release sometimes well dressed models. In any case if you need something very porny with plenty of content and frequent updates you can go for it now without hesitation...

02 September 2014 in: curvy-plump, ff-stockings, over-50

Hairstyle matters

50 something classy milf with a stylish hairdo
The hairstyle: a detail that matters. 16 images

Tracy Licks got a superb stylish coiffure, she' s perfectly fit for a news anchor job IMO. She' s doing another kind of job in this pictures set ...
Pictures courtesy of

19 August 2014 in: blondes, over-50

The senator' s wife and the delivery boy

Mature lady in revealing outfit
Is this lady well- mannered ?- 16 images

Despite their huge sexual appetite the ladies from are always wearing neat clothing, with a nice hairdress and a perfect make up. I bet they smell good too...
Ok it' s porn- porn made with decades of experience from one of the most established company ( remember that Scoregroup publication hidden in your stash, back in the old days ? )
Whenever I watch this kind of porn I do enter in a vintage fantasy land of warm welcoming american middle-to-high-class emancipated wives, and I am the lucky pizza delivery boy, of course.

Classic high quality porn :

01 May 2014 in: over-50

Over 50 ? Over 60 ? Who cares ?

Old elegant blonde in satin blouse and suspender stockings
Ageless elegance by Gina - 16 images

Well I do care since I have to put my elegant ladies into age categories, for your browsing pleasure.
I won' t drop an email to Lady Gina asking her about her real age, gentlemen never ask such questions.
I wonder how long is the life expectancy of a perfectly shaped pair of feminine legs; I' ve seen wonders, like Lady Gina above of course. I think the lingerie magic might prolongate the sexyness factor almost indefinitely. I wonder why pharaohs didn' t think of it and get buried with ff-stockings on ( just kidding, they had some expensive jewellery instead ).

Let' s visit Gina and get seduced :

13 October 2013 in: blondes, ff-stockings, lady-gina, legs, over-50, over-60

A mature office lady

Dad is retired, I inherited his office and his grumpy secretary, Mrs Bond.
She's an efficient and strict lady who' s been working here since the 60' s. Always straight, elegantly dressed and never late at work. Experienced ? Yes she is, and very caring...

Jane Bond in an uniform of office lady
The perfect office lady - 15 pics

Ah sorry I' m fantasizing again !
This is Jane Bond- the famous UK pornstar- doing a cameo appearance for

01 January 2013 in: blondes, costume, ff-stockings, glasses, over-50

Leggy Gina

Gina is a german business woman... Back from work she decides to relax in her winter garden.
She feels good in her refined lingerie, she' s quite proud of her TWELVE STRAPS garter belt.
Nobody is watching, why not "relax" in a more sensual manner ?

Classy mature in black stockings
Alone with her lingerie and heels- 16 pics

Over 50, Gina knows all the seduction tricks and you will fall for it:

23 December 2012 in: blondes, ff-stockings, heels, lady-gina, legs, over-50

Michelle is giving a legs show...

If I had to promote and sell subscriptions to Michelle' s personal website I' d make a point of demonstrating how perfect her legs are... Here' s my personal "top five" of the leggy mature goddess, a themed gallery featuring glamour shots of her nylon clad legs:

Mature Michelle showing her nylon clad legs
Long legs & refined lingerie- 25 pics

More samples can be seen here:

Speedy Bee plays seduction games

An horny british mature lady who pays attention to her dressing. By request Speedy Bee performs a risky strip- tease in this set, getting rid of her coral pink dress, exhibiting her elegant dotted stockings and much, much more.

Mature with silver high heels and coral stockings
Mature dream in pink- 15 pics

Spedy Bee is featured at the network, join her site and get full access to 250+ ladies.

28 November 2012 in: curvy-plump, over-50

Lady Gina, a mature temptress in heels and nylons

Mature lady Gina in stockings and heels A classic mature lady with erotic fantaisies
Gina is an over 40 business lady living in Germany. Beside her job she' s very naughty and loves to show off- making a personnal point to drive you crazy.. She likes to wear high heels and nylons all the time, the higher the better ! Indecent and interesting detail: her pussy is always smooth and she likes it to be licked.. You' ll get more than "hot pictures" when you join: Gina answers all her emails and is open to suggestions or special wishes.
Visit Lady Gina at
10 October 2012 in: blondes, ff-stockings, heels, lady-gina, legs, over-50

Michelle's nylons

Leggy and busty elegant mature model Michelle " So sensual and elegant ! "
This classy mature nylons queen is filling her lingerie outfits with such a generous pair of breasts and such a juicy ass !
Tits, ass and class: you get all in one for the same price ! See for yourself more closely, take a look at this extensive preview:

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