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Ladies over 60

Seductive senior ladies

Bea Cummins in clasic polka dot dress and satin underwear
A stylish senior citizen ( aged 70 ). 15 images

"Dear over 60 ladies, please never give up on your seduction power. A touch of make up, an elegant dress and refined underwear ( lace, satin, suspender stockings... I bet you know what I mean ) and you will find admirers and lovers, very easily !
Truly yours, Maturio. "

07 January 2015 in: bea-cummins, busty, over-60

Satin ribbons for a senior lady

Bea Cummins insexy lingerie and close up on her pink satin ribbons
Senior seduction in pink. 9 images

I like "my" Bea Cummins wrapped in pink satin ribbons and sheer lingerie,
if you visit her site and have a look at her 380 updates you may find "YOUR" favorite Bea, she' s got a lot of different clothing styles, always sexy- guaranteed !

Charm, sexiness and more at 70+ :

17 November 2014 in: bea-cummins, busty, over-60

A game of seduction by Bea

Sexy and classy Bea Cummins cleavage
Playful Bea Cummins. 9 images

Oh my what a daring look !
Is that a lingerie quizz ? I can see white suspender stockings, satin opera gloves, a sheer bra, and a slightly transparent thingy made of satin on top, but I can' t name it exactly. To be honest I am confused by your sexiness. You win !

Senior seduction: continue to

26 August 2014 in: bea-cummins, ff-stockings, gloves, heels, over-60

A fantasy

Sexy and classy Bea Cummins cleavage
I' d really like to share one or two D-cups of tea with Bea Cummins. 9 images

I still like to fantasize around a formal tea- time ceremony in a middle- class bourgeois interior with an elegantly dressed house wife... Hubby' s not here, she' s bored and the fun begins. All in good spirit of course: we' ll see each other again next week, at the church meeting.
Senior seduction: continue to

15 July 2014 in: bea-cummins, busty, over-60

Good bye Sandy

Here's a mail I received yesterday:
"I am sorry to have to tell you that Sandy has decided to close her website,, for personal reasons. The tour area will be closed today and replaced with a link to the members' area which will remain open until all current memberships have expired."
Ah too bad, Sandy was ageeing so nicely !
13 July 2014 in: blondes, over-60, sandy

Leggy with class ;)

Leggy elegant mature Sandy in red suspender stockings
You' re invited to Sandy' s leg show. 12 images

A pair of long robust legs specially made for [ love ] wearing stylish suspender stockings, a playful smile and refined lingerie: that' s Sandy' s secrets to stay attractive after 60.
Born in 1953, sexy in 2014

28 May 2014 in: blondes, ff-stockings, legs, over-60, sandy

Dressed for a special occasion

Bea Cummins in white satin nighty, sheer bra, white suspender stockings
An after dinner with Bea Cummins. 11 images

Believe it or not Bea Cummins was in her twenties five decades ago ( are you good at math ? )
She may have been a braless hippie, who knows ? But today she 's one of the sexiest "ladies of the internet" I know.
Visit her site and get a glimpse of her recent updates.

23 May 2014 in: bea-cummins, busty, gloves, over-60

Over 50 ? Over 60 ? Who cares ?

Old elegant blonde in satin blouse and suspender stockings
Ageless elegance by Gina - 16 images

Well I do care since I have to put my elegant ladies into age categories, for your browsing pleasure.
I won' t drop an email to Lady Gina asking her about her real age, gentlemen never ask such questions.
I wonder how long is the life expectancy of a perfectly shaped pair of feminine legs; I' ve seen wonders, like Lady Gina above of course. I think the lingerie magic might prolongate the sexyness factor almost indefinitely. I wonder why pharaohs didn' t think of it and get buried with ff-stockings on ( just kidding, they had some expensive jewellery instead ).

Let' s visit Gina and get seduced :

13 October 2013 in: blondes, ff-stockings, lady-gina, legs, over-50, over-60

More than sexy at 60

Sandy will be 60 this year. Should I mention that ? It' s written on her bio page, it' s not a secret and it makes me optimistic about the timeless nature of seduction. We ( and our wives ) are all getting old, aren' t we ?
And now the proof in these picture galleries:

gallery 1
gallery 2
gallery 3
gallery 4
10 January 2013 in: blondes, busty, ff-stockings, legs, over-60, sandy

Classy Carol is dressing to please

Classy Carol is one rare example of truly seductive over 60 ladies posing on the web, I like the way she pushes the erotic dressed housewife style to the max: it' s always X-Mas, New Year' s Eve and Valentine' s Day with Carol, enjoy:

Elegant sexy granny Carol posing with a feather boa and fishnet stockings
The pink feather boa is an erotic must- 14 pics

Have a a candlelight dinner with Carol tonight, suscribe to her site ;)

28 November 2012 in: classy-carol, gloves, over-60

Seduction at 60 plus

An handpicked collection of Carol' s glamour shots in black, red and white sexy lingerie. Carol is over 60 and knows the science of dressing to please:

Classy Carol over 60 glamourous granny in red stockings
Expertize in tease- 40 pics

The art of seduction by a kinky old lady... Preview

08 November 2012 in: classy-carol, over-60

Bea Cummins, an over 60 bombshell

Classy dressed Bea Cummins
Classy and sexy Bea, indoors and outdoors. 2 galleries.

Bea Cummins, elegant and sexy granny " Older is better they say "
Bea Cummins may be well over 60 but she still got that sexual appeal wich triggers each and every male' s boner. Have you seen her incredible breasts ? Bit of an old bitch, bit of a classy granny, bit of a cougar, I think you' ll like that mix !
Visit her ( brand new ) site at

31 October 2012 in: bea-cummins, over-60

Carol: a well over 60 classy granny

Classygal Carol over 60 and kinky A sexually active senior citizen

While teasing or fucking, Classy Carol will always keep a perfect hairdressing, some jewels and lingerie on her very fuckable older lady' s body. . That' s why she' s "classy", hey ! She could be your aunt, your granny and she virtually will be all yours when you' ll join her corner on the internet.
Visit Classy Carol here

17 October 2012 in: classy-carol, over-60

April Thomas

April Thomas dressed-undressed The almost nude granny
Dear April Thomas is a tad bit over 60 years old and a tad bit overweight: nice ! To be frank I liked her more for her age and body type than for her dressing, however she still fits Maturio' s elegant clothing standards. Enjoy !
01 October 2012 in: curvy-plump, over-60

Come and share sexy Sandy' s Secrets

Mature Sandy in sexy lingerie " A playful mature teaser "
A tall, classy and self- confident elegant blond mature woman ( born in 1953 ) with a passion for beautiful underwear, nylon stockings and high heels and a real skill for lingerie tease.
*edit: Sandy has closed her website in 2014-sorry for that.
02 September 2012 in: blondes, heels, legs, over-60, sandy

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